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Kenofix, the next step in skin disinfection



When talking about the disinfection of the skin, it could be considered by some as a treatment that only occurs occasionally in livestock production. However when we take a closer look we see that the reality tells us a different story. Consulting visits with farm managers and veterinarians that work on a day-to-day basis in intensive livestock production, reveals us the bare necessity of a good skin disinfectant that can be used routinely and implemented in standardized treatment protocols. 

The modern pig production is constantly challenged by for example legislation, public opinion, variable meat prices, disease outbreaks, export restrictions, animal welfare etc. To overcome these challenges the industry is also driving on innovation and cost benefit solutions.

Skin disinfection solutions make no exception to the rule. For modern pig and farming an antiseptic product should comply with 3 major parameters: 

  • First of all the product must work in real farm conditions where animals are confined, a lot of manure, heat and humidity can occur.

  • Secondly the product must be economic in use hence it will be used routinely for piglet treatment. Last but not least skin disinfectants should be free of antibiotics.

  • By eliminating routine, non-therapeutic uses of antibiotics, the meat industry can reduce the potential for antibiotic resistance and ensure these important drugs remain effective for treating when necessary. 

CID LINES has developed a unique skin disinfectant spray which combines those 3 parameters named “KENOFIX”.