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Protect your animals with one spray

In fact there are so many sprays on the market that pig farmers often ask us: “Which one do we need for which application? Do they actually work? Are they proven and well tested (registration)? How long does the product last on the skin?... "

Therefore when CID LINES developed an aerosol spray, it had to be much more than "just another spray" on the market. We commited to offer a spray that delivers exactly what it claims, proven by extensive lab and field testing and combining 3 different functions into 1 spray.



Kenofix, is an all-round spray that combines 3 actions:

               - very powerful disinfection

               - protective barrier spray

               - contains a bittering agent



Kenofix is manufactured with a high quality propellant which is 100% homogenous with the concentrate, this guarantees the farmer a spray that works at all times, a uniform spray from the first push to the last!
Furthermore it is functional (sprayable) in all possible (can) positions. Environmentally, user & animal friendly. One can fits all! Kenofix leaves a strong film that dries fast and lasts long on the skin.

Kenofix can be used for disinfecting the skin, the umbilical cord, after castrations, tail cutting, dehorning, caesarean section and on hooves.