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Antimicrobial resistance (AMR) is omnipresent and whether we use too much antibiotics or we don't apply them in an adequate way (under- or overdose), resistance can appear. Even when we use the correct dose of antibiotics, we still encourage the developing of this antimicrobial resistance. Because when you treat one specific pathogen you will attack  all the other bacteria at the same time.

Conquering antimicrobial resistance is one of the main objectives worldwide. It is very clear that we have to change from a curative management to a very forceful preventive management. Several projects across the EU during 2011 – 2015 have shown that we really can reduce AMR in a proper way by reducing the overall AM use. But if we want to do this, we are in need of a valuable biosecurity program (internal and external) and an adequate herd-management.

To successfully control a disease and thus reduce the use of antibiotics, we need to minimize the exposure of pathogens (reduce infection) and we have to maximize immunity for the animals (increase protection).

  • ↓ Minimize the exposure with a strict biosecurity management.

  • ↑ Maximize immunity through lactation management and proper nutrition in every stage.



Cleaning and disinfecting lies at the base of keeping out pathogens and is seen as one of the most important things for your herd management. Through well identified immunity boosters, we give the animals the support and aid to endure and fight the attack that might still occur in a wellbalanced environment without using antimicrobials. 

CID LINES, an Ecolab company, is your partner to carry out biosecurity and hygiene plan on your farm by offering plenty of working tools and expertise.


Biocheck.Ugent®: A risk-based scoring system to evaluate the quality of biosecurity on your herd. Complete the scientific and independent questionnaire and receive valuable feedback: an overall score of biosecurity on your farm and a detailed report summarizing your performance. As CID LINES, an Ecolab company, partner you will receive individual and very useful farm-specific advice. We want to offer valuable guidance to improve the implementation of biosecurity on your farm.