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General hygiene

Eco Des
Cleaning and disinfectant based on quaternary ammonium
  • cleaner with disinfecting action based on quaternary ammonium ideal for surfaces
Keno™soft N
Non-perfumed soft hand soap
  • gentle non-perfumed hand soap protects and softened the hands created for frequent use
Universal cleaner
  • universal cleaner fast, effective and leaves no streaks removes persistent stains pleasant perfume
The all-purpose cleaner!
  • concentrated universal cleaner fast action with no streaks nice perfume
For removal of lime from sanitary surfaces
  • acid cleaner remove lime and rust on all sanitary surfaces
Sanitary cleaner
  • strong degreasing and deodorising cleaning product for sanitary rooms based on active chlorine pleasant perfume
Omniwash Powder
Professional washing powder
  • washing powder for hand and machine wash high concentration of active ingredients for al types of textile 30°C - 90°C
Omniwash Liquid
Concentrated liquid laundry detergent
  • concentrated liquid detergent hand and machine wash all colors 30° - 90°C easy to use