Biological products

Alco Cid A
disinfectant based on alcohol
  • Disinfectant based on alcohol
  • No rinsing: evapores within 5 min.
  • Leaves no traces of taste neither smell
Alco Cid Wipes
Disinfecting wipes for intermediate disinfection.
  • - disinfecting wipes
  • - intermediate disinfection
  • - bactericidal, levuricidal and virucidal action
  • - food industry (PT4) and health care sector (PT2)
Alox DMS
Alkaline foam cleaner
  • Alkaline foam cleaner
  • Strong foaming
  • Contains corrosion inhibitors
Bio Cid S
strong alkaline foaming cleaner for heavy contaminations
  • strong alkaline foam cleaner
  • efficient and fast removal of heavy contaminations
Cid Clean
Disinfectant based on 50% stabilized hydrogen peroxide
  • Disinfectant based on hydrogen peroxide
  • Strong oxidiser
  • Suitable for CIP and surfaces
D 50
Completely biodegradable natural hygienic disinfectant.
  • disinfection
  • all surfaces and equipment
  • biodegradable
DM Clean Super
Excellent degreasing properties!
  • - Alkaline CIP product
  • - extra degreasing properties
  • - soft and medium hard water
DM Foam-S Extra
Alcaline foam cleaner for drying, cooking and smoking units
  • Strong alkaline cleaner
  • Strong foaming characteristics
  • Ideal for the cleaning smoking cabinets or heavily contaminated equipment
Kenolox 10
Désinfectant for surfaces and spaces based on lactic acid
  • Ready-to-use disinfectant
  • Surface disinfection and fogging
  • Applicable in public and food industry
Keno™cid 2100 15%
Acid disinfectant for CIP installations
  • Acid disinfectant for CIP installations
  • Based on peracetic acid (15%) and hydrogen peroxide
  • Strong oxidizer
Keno™cid 2100 S
Foaming disinfectant based on peracetic acid
  • foaming disinfectant
  • based on peracetic acid
Ultra foaming strong alkaline cleaning product
  • strong alkaline cleaner
  • ultra foaming capacity
  • outstanding adhesive power
  • efficient and excellent results