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Biological products

Keno™san Lactic
Innovative disinfectant based on lactic acid
  • disinfectant based on lactic acid applied without rinsing revolution in knive disinfection at slaughter and cuttinglines
Alco Cid A
disinfectant based on alcohol
  • Disinfectant based on alcohol No rinsing: evapores within 5 min. Leaves no traces of taste neither smell
Cid Clean
Disinfectant based on 50% stabilized hydrogen peroxide
  • Disinfectant based on hydrogen peroxide Strong oxidiser Suitable for CIP and surfaces
Keno™soft N
Non-perfumed soft hand soap
  • gentle non-perfumed hand soap protects and softened the hands created for frequent use
MSR 30
Acid cleaner
  • acid cleaner removal of deposits with mineral composition based on nitric acid and phosporic acid
Ultra foaming strong alkaline cleaning product
  • strong alkaline cleaner ultra foaming capacity outstanding adhesive power efficient and excellent results
Anti Foam
Anti foam
  • strong concentrated anti-foamer for water purification and other applications
DM Foam-S Extra
Alcaline foam cleaner for drying, cooking and smoking units
  • Strong alkaline cleaner Strong foaming characteristics Ideal for the cleaning smoking cabinets or heavily contaminated equipment