Closed circuit


Because of the many questions that CID LINES receives regarding the closed circuit in Belgium, we outline the most important points for the user of biocides from the closed circuit:

Wat are closed circuit products? 

The biocides that are classified in the closed circuit may not be sold to the public on the European market. All these biocides present a high health risk and the wearing of personal protective equipment (PPE) is often required for the use of these products. One must also be aware of the rules concerning storage, use, and disposal and of the measures to be taken in the event of accidents or poisonings ...

Therefore; these biocides are mainly reserved for professionals

What are the obligations for the user? 

(KB 17/07/2018 to change KB 8/05/2014)

These changes are valid from 12/07/2018.


Every user of biocides belonging to the closed circuit must:

  • register online (by 31/12/2018)

  • annually confirm his status for 31/12 of each year, via an e-mail that will be automatically distributed (on condition that one is already registered)

  • no longer format a favorite list

  • no longer pass on the amount of biocides that they have used in the past

What are the obligations for the seller? 

(KB 17/07/2018 to change KB 8/05/2014)

These changes are valid from 12/07/2018


Every seller of biocides belonging to the closed circuit must:

  • Registering, by 31 December of each year, the amount of closed circuit biocides sold in the past year.

  • Indicate on the sales invoice and on the receipt: "This product is a biocide classified in the closed circuit".

Other information
  • On each invoice, the following statement is made for the products that belong to the closed circuit: 'This product is a biocide, classified in the closed circuit.

  • Technical and safety sheets of all products, as well as biocides are available to users via the distributor zone (request your login via your CL representative)


Current authorization and status (open / closed circuit) of products can be requested from your representative or consulted on the website of the competent FPS.


If there are specific questions or comments, you can always contact your CID LINES representative.