Oxo clean des: the new chlorine free 3-in-1 foam cleaner


CID LINES is continuous investigating and developing innovative solutions to improve cleaning on the following levels: quality, safety and environmental friendliness.

Within this vision the new product Oxo Clean Des has recently been developed and approved.

Oxo Clean Des eases the daily cleaning procedure on three important levels:


Oxo Clean des has excellent foaming and cleaning properties with respect to sensitive materials as it contains no chlorine or hydroxide. If used in combination with warm water (40- 60°C) it will easily remove organic fat and protein contaminations. Even the most difficult modular conveyor belts are cleaned easily with Oxo Clean des.


Beside the cleaning properties Oxo Clean Des is also advised and approved as a combined cleaner-disinfectant. This makes it an ideal alternative to combined alkaline chlorinated products if sensitive materials are present or chlorine reduction is required.


The third but not neglectible property of Oxo Clean Des is its bleaching capacity. In combination with warm water (40-60°C) this product will bleach any bleachable surface without damaging surrounding sensitive materials.

These properties make Oxo Clean Des the ultimate chlorine free alternative for cleaning, bleaching and disinfection in the food and meat industry.