Gain time by cleaning.

Manure is easier to remove when it’s still moist and the longer a clean & disinfected pen is left to dry before new animals enter it, the better hence very few bacteria and viruses can survive a long period of drought without the presence of organic matter (manure, biofilm, etc.). Within the presenc of organic dirt however some micro-organisms can survive up to 60 days in a dry environment.Therefore cleaning is an absolute must! Organic dirt cannot be disinfected.   


Keno™san, the new standard in cleaning

Keno™san combines ultra-strong adhesion power and deep dirt-penetrating capacity at very low dilutions! The high-level formulation guarantees a unique cleaning result in heavy-duty circumstances of the pig farm where even the most dense and dried up dirt (manure, litter, etc.) stands no chance against the dissolving power of Keno™san.

Keno™san delivers this high level cleaning result at 1,5% which makes it very cost effective per cleaned m². The product is safe for materials and environment.


Average consumption:

  • Farrowing house: 1L concentrate per 20 farrowing crates

  • Growers - finishers: 0,3L solution per m²