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Interactive hatchery hygiene DVD


With this interactive DVD on hatchery hygiene, CID LINES has made a training instrument for hatchery owners and employees to assist them with increasing and maintaining the hygiene level of their hatchery.

The DVD displays, through a hatchery lay-out, different "flows" in the hatchery (air flow, product flow, people flow, setter trolley flow, hatcher basket flow etc), as well as the different zones (clean, neutral, dirty), hand sanitation and boot dip points.


When you click on a certain room inside the hatchery, the DVD shows a movie of that room being cleaned and disinfected, with the protocol for the correct product, dilution, contact time, PPE, etc.

The DVD has been a useful tool for the industry in Europe and other parts of the world and is now available for the US industry. This DVD is unique, very practical, and free for customers and industry professionals on demand (