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farmer history



CID LINES is founded by Pierre & Koen Brutsaert, two enterprising cousins, both with a background in agriculture.

1989  CID LINES develops and launches CID 20, which was then the only government recommended disinfectant for combatting infectious animal diseases such as swine fever. This iconic product signalled the official start of an unabated growth in expertise and know-how regarding disinfection and hygiene in the agriculture sector.

1990 Thanks to the success of CID 20 in the poultry and pig market, CID LINES is now the market leader in Belgium. The company outgrows its original premises and moves to a new building in an industrial estate in Ieper that has enough room for production halls and offices.

International expansion

1992 Building on their thriving reputation at home, CID LINES takes its first steps in the European market. The Netherlands, France and Poland are the first export countries to make acquaintance with CID LINES' product range, which is now a complete package of cleaning and disinfectant products, including Virocid.

1993  Branches are founded in France and Poland. In Poland, CID LINES initially concentrates on the food industry, but later expands its activities to include the other sectors in which it operates.

Global expansion

1994 Scarcely 6 years after it was founded, and encouraged by its successes in Europe, CID LINES sets its sights on the rest of the world. During a visit to farmers in Thailand they discovered that there was not only interest in, but great demand for Belgian hygiene-related expertise and products. The first orders from outside Europe are a fact.

1997 This second wave of expansion forces CID LINES’ parent company to relocate once more to even larger premises. Both the production unit and administration offices were moved to the former production facility of Lee Jeans on the same industrial estate. This location has a capacity of 15,000m2, to enable further growth.

Vertical & horizontal integration opens up new markets.

1999  Building on their know-how on detergents and in response to demand from various sectors, CID LINES continues to extend its range. The company invests heavily in R&D, becoming a by-word for quality within the intensive livestock farming and foodstuffs industry. CID LINES also explores the car wash and truck wash market and comes up with an entire range for this sector, later developed under the brand name Kenotek.

2003 CID LINES opens the new GMP-pharma production unit that produces veterinary medicines in strict compliance with all new legislation. In 2004 they launch 4 medically-registered dipping agents.

A global player expands both at home and abroad.

2006 Following the launch of the Keno range for udder hygiene in 2005 and the outbreak of bird flu in Asia and Europe in 2006, CID LINES becomes a partner of both the government and industry in more than 25 countries. Producing more than 10 million litres of disinfectant each year, CID LINES is now a global player. The Polish branch relocates to a new office with an optimised warehouse.

2008 Due to its continued success, the company is once more bursting at the seams and has to open 2 additional branches in Ieper. In addition to the production & administration unit, work commences on a logistics centre and a separate building for Sales, Marketing and R&D.

Total hygiene solutions from farm to fork.

2014 CID LINES continues to invest ambitiously in further expansion and specialization of its product range. Their passion for hygiene throughout the entire food chain extends beyond mere production. No expense or effort is spared to provide full-service solutions to every sector connected to food production and food safety, either directly or indirectly. In addition to providing innovative products, cost-efficient solutions and sound advice, CID LINES can also guarantee employee excellence. Each and every employee of CID LINES is an expert in their field who is committed to transferring knowledge.

2020 Ecolab Inc., the global leader in water, food safety and hygiene technologies and services, closed on its acquisition of CID LINES, a leading global provider of livestock biosecurity and hygiene solutions. The new division will enable a focus on the livestock biosecurity and dairy farm markets, to serve emerging needs, protect the health of the animals, and provide dairy farmers with a complete offering to keep their cows healthy and the milk supply safe.

2021 The Global Animal Health division that combines all CID LINES & Ecolab is rebranded to CID LINES, an Ecolab company. Both will move forward as one brand and one team, supporting eachother and the partners in the growth process.

Today CID LINES, an Ecolab company, markets more than 1000 products and exports to more than 114 countries on 5 continents. Every day, over 500 dedicated employees, working in the parent company in Ieper and subsidiary companies in Poland, France, the United Kingdom, Spain, Middle East,... give of their very best.