• Pediline


Prevention and treatment for hoof problems!
  • treat and prevent claw problems
  • broad-spectrum activity
  • good penetration power
  • keeps its activity even in the presence of organic material
Use biocides with precaution. Before any use, read the label and the information concerning the product. Availability Not all CID LINES products are available in all countries.For information about availability of a specific product, please contact your CID LINES dealer

Hoof problems can cause extremely high economical losses. Therefore efficient prevention is off great importance! Pediline is the product to treat and prevent claw problems. Pediline dries and hardens the hoofs, sooths and encourages healthy tissue. After a few days of treatment, you can see the result (proved in a scientific field-test with more than 10.000 cows).

Available packages: 10 kg

  • For continuous use : use a 2% solution
  • For seasonal use: use a 5% solution during 5 consecutive days, once a month.
  • For intensive use : use a 5% solution, repeated every 2 days
  • Individual application : Spray the hooves with water and then spray directly the hooves with a solution diluted at 20%