Actisan Chloortabletten
Chlorine-based disinfection tablets to combat bacteria and yeasts.
Active Foam Cherry
Acid activated high foaming shampoo
  • slightly acid activated shampoo
  • high foaming
  • easy to rinse off
  • Neutralizes alkalinity on the vehicle to improve the drying result
  • intense cherry fragrance
AD 50
Additive to improve the cleaning action of alkaline CIP solutions
  • Additive to improve the cleaning action of alkaline CIP solutions
  • Good binding of minerals in the cleaning water
  • Defoaming capacity
AD 60
Additive for hydroxide in CIP installations
  • concentrated additive
  • alkaline purifications CIP
  • can be inforced for on-stages purification
AD 700
FOG Enhancer
  • improve fogging quality
  • water solutions of insecticides and disinfectants
AD Oxi
Additive with oxidizing properties
  • cleaning booster
  • for hydroxide
  • based on active oxygen
Alcalu D
  • Powerful alkaline cleaner
  • For sensitive surfaces
  • Extra hygiene component
Alcalu S
Soft alkaline foaming cleaner for sensitive surfaces
  • concentrated soft alkaline cleaner
  • strong foaming qualities
  • for sensitive materials (aluminium e.g.)
Alco Cid A
Disinfectant based on alcohol
  • Disinfectant based on alcohol
  • No rinsing: evapores within 5 min.
  • Leaves no traces of taste neither smell
Alco Cid Wipes
Disinfecting wipes for intermediate disinfection.
  • - disinfecting wipes
  • - intermediate disinfection
  • - bactericidal, levuricidal and virucidal action
  • - food industry (PT4) and health care sector (PT2)
Alco Cid-A
Disinfectant based on alcohol
  • disinfectant
  • based on alcohol
  • for disinfection of small tools
Alox DMS
Alkaline foam cleaner
  • Alkaline foam cleaner
  • Strong foaming
  • Contains corrosion inhibitors