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Food safety from farm to fork

CID LINES, an Ecolab company, has chosen for an integrated approach for food security. Through consistent farm-to-table hygiene concepts, competent food safety advisors and an extensive range of high quality products and services, CID LINES, an Ecolab company, became an important partner for the food industry in more than 80 countries throughout the world. After agriculture, food processing is the next step in the “Food Chain”. CID LINES, an Ecolab company, developed a specialized range of products for the food industry, where we guarantee that safe food is our first mission. The no-nonsens approach of our specialized teams revolves uniquely around our customers who can count on expert advice, guaranteeing a carefree and cost-effective hygiene management. 

Your next STEP to better hygiene


Hygiene is the driving force behind successful food production operations. The relevant authorities provide strict rules and regulations for food production which include the demand for high standards in hygiene. Food safety is a top priority for every food producer. As a result the quality standards of food production facilities become increasingly important. High quality products and service are part of the guarantee we offer for our cleaning and disinfection program.

However to achieve the highest standards requires more than quality products and as a result we have developed the STEP program. The STEP program stands for:


CID LINES, an Ecolab company your gateway to better hygiene!


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Organic Production

As a producer of inputs for BIO-farming and the organic food chain, CID LINES, an Ecolab company wants to offer a series of “BIO-compliant” products.