Nutritious water solutions for a better health and a higher profit.

The water-intake will have a great impact on their performance. Increasing the quality of drinking water should be a standard operation on every pig farm in order to improve the health and performance of the animals.

The Agrocid-range is developed by CID LINES to offer drinking water solutions which will not only reduce the bacterial load in the water but can also improve digestibility and absorption of nutrients in the digestive tract.











Discover the complete range:

  •     Agrocid Super:     Innovation in acidification

  •     Agrocid Super Oligo:     Acidifying with Oligo-elements. For complete drinking water treatment.

  •     Agrocid Super Essential:    Acidifier for drinking water for pigs and poultry.

  •     Agrocid Super Complete    Acidifier for drinking water for pigs with butric acids.

  •     Kenovit E    Complementary feedingstuff for poultry and pigs.