• Keno™vit E

Keno™vit E

Back to the essence!
  • based on oils, vitamin E and Selenium
  • enhances the feed intake
  • helps to relieve heat stress
  • positive influence on the respiratory tract
  • stimulates intestinal health and immune system
Availability: Not all CID LINES products are available in all countries. For information about availability of a specific product, please contact your CID LINES dealer.

Keno™vit E is a natural product based on highly concentrated essential oils, notably mint, - eucalyptus, -star anise, -oregano, -tea tree, caraway - and Vitamine E. Due to the high quality of the natural ingredients and the aromatic and appetizing additives, Kenovit E is particulary suitable to support the feed intake. 

Available packages: 1 L

Add to the drinking water:

  • Pigs, 50 ml per 1000L drinking water
  • Poultry, 50 - 100 ml per 1000L drinking water