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Garages & industry

Floor Cleaner Forte
Strong alkaline floor cleaner for heavily soiled floors
  • strong degreasing floor cleaner low foaming removes black stripes and rubber track and traces manual and automatic use
Wheel Cleaner Ultra / X-tra 4200
pH neutral wheel cleaner and fall out remover
  • highly effective pH neutral wheel cleaner fall-out remover color marking on the dirt (visual effect) safe to use
Lime Perfume
Perfume concentrate
  • fresh lime perfume concentrated compatible
Trans Beton
Industrial concrete and limestone remover
  • acid cleaner removes limestone and cement deposits
Latex Remover
Latex removal
  • alkaline cleaner highly concentrated removal of polymer dispensions and synthetic latex
Multi D
All purpose cleaner - degreaser
  • powerful all purpose cleaner and degreaser effortless removal of nicotine, ink, oil, etc. multi-functional use grapefruit perfume
Glass Cleaner
Efficient glass cleaner, without smearing
  • fast glass cleaner cleaning without smearing alcohol based removes efficiently nicotine and air-conditioning deposit ammonia free
Solvent based glue and tar remover
  • strong glue- and tar remover solvent based ready to use non corrosive