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Virocid® RTU
Ready to use disinfectant spray.
  • ready to use to disinfect small materials effective against bacteria, fungi, yeasts and virusses
Disinfectant skin spray for horses.
  • disinfectant skin spray colorless long lasting protection second skin technology kills bacteria and fungi
Keno™horse Mild shampoo
Rich, nourishing shampoo.
  • nourishing shampoo optimal cleaning enhancing natural color and glow for all horses
Keno™horse Detangler & Shine
Keeps tails and manes tangle free.
  • tails and manes tangle free stronger and longer hair highlights coat color and muscle prevent stains dries quickly healthy shine
Universal cleaner to renew and protect equipment!
  • extremely safe multifunctional use fast rinsing
KENO™HORSE Anis-citro spray
Protective spray based on essential oil.
  • Aangename geur Beschermend
Strong disinfecting shampoo
  • Protects and doesn't dehydrate Doesn't color the skin or coat Enhances the white coat-color