Livestock production

AD 700
FOG Enhancer
  • improve fogging quality
  • water solutions of insecticides and disinfectants
Agrocid Super Complete
  • 补充饲料
  • 猪和家禽
  • 饮水酸化剂
Agrocid Super FD
A blend of organic acids
  • Improves food quality
  • Stabilizes the microbiological quality of the feed
Agrocid Super™
Innovation in acidification.
  • complementary feed
  • used as acidifier
  • for drinking water
Agrocid Tonic
Health booster and supporter
  • complementary feed
  • for poultry
  • liquid mineral and trace element
Alu 3200
Acid product for cleaning and renovation!
  • acid product
  • for cleaning and renovation
  • aluminium wheel rims, trailers, and tanks,...
  • let equipment shine again
Anti Foam
Highly concentrated food grade foam inihbitor
  • Highly concentrated food grade foam inhihitor
  • Based on rapeseed oil
  • Can be used as a food additive according to EU directive and FDA guideline
Arocid Super Oligo
  • 猪和家禽的补充饲料
  • 饮水酸化剂
Bio Cid S
Strong concentrated alkaline foam cleaner
Bio Cid S
Strong alkaline foaming cleaner
  • strong alkaline foam cleaner
  • efficient and fast removal
  • safe for all kinds of surfaces
  • easily applied
  • 黏着力强
  • 挂壁时间长
  • 可为养殖场节省人工和用水
  • 使用安全
Universal cleaner to renew and protect equipment!
  • extremely safe
  • multifunctional use
  • fast rinsing