Backpack drum
Makes foamcleaning easier, lighter and faster
  • easy foamcleaning
  • Ideal for Kenocox - Kenosan - Biogel - Virocid
  • Closeable, ready for next use
Bottle for foaming lance 2 L
2L bottle for a high pressure foaming lance
  • 2 L
  • high pressure
Chlorine test
Chlorine test equipment
Concentration testkit CID LINES products
Dip cup upright non-return
250ml Dip cup Antiretour equipment (no flow-back)
  • no flow-back
  • content: 250 ml
Dip cup upright return (flow-back)
250ml Dip cup retour equipment (flow-back)
  • content: 250 ml
Disinfection mat
Small mat for disinfection
  • dimension: 60 x 90 cm (small)
Disinfection mat
Large mat for disinfection
  • dimension: 180 x 90 cm (large)
Disinfection station
Disinfection station equipment
Dispenser 1 L
1L dispensing equipment
  • type: LCP-T
  • volume: 1 L
Dispenser 1,20 L
1.20 L dispensing equipment
  • volume: 1,20 L
  • type: PVC
Dispenser 1L Stainless Steel Ophardt
Dispenser made out of stainless steel
  • volume: 1 L
  • type: Stainless Steel Ophardt