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  • 公司历史:从养殖从业者到全球供应商
  • 我们的使命:在从养殖场到餐桌的食品生产链上提供更多附加值
  • 我们的视野及价值观:为一个更卫生更健康的未来提供三重保证


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Believe in Hygiene, Act Now!

Warnich Biersteker, South-Africa

We’re very happy about our collaboration with CID LINES and their available tools! They are very powerful and we use them on a daily basis! It boosts confidence and ultimately sales.

Distributor Spain

Together with the CID LINES partnership we are motivated and confident to further grow our business here. With their understanding of our market and its specific needs, they offer us customized hygiene protocols that differentiate us from competition.

Charles Weir, UK

I am so pleased with the Pure Foamer system, my cell count is the lowest it’s ever been.

Stephen McCammond, UK

I was sceptical about using the Pure Foamer, but having tried it, I would recommend it to anyone.

Poul Jacobsen, Denmark

I use Kickstart for the disinfection of mink farms in Denmark. I found out that it's the best product when the temperature is less than 4 degrees.