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Para controlar una enfermedad con suceso y en seguida reducir el uso de antibióticos, necesitamos reducir la exposición (reducir la infección) y maximizar la imunidad (aumentar la protección).

  • ↓ Minimizar la exposición con una gestión estricta de la bioseguridad.

  • ↑ Maximizar la imunidad mediante la gestion de la lactación y una nutrición ajustada en cada etapa.

Un enfoque más holístico y comprehensivo para entender la epidemologia y la prevención de la mayoria de los agentes infecciosos, resultando asi en una redución del uso de antibióticos.



Cleaning and disinfecting lies at the base of keeping out pathogens and is seen as one of the most important things for your herd management. Through well identified immunity boosters, we give the animals the support and aid to endure and fight the attack that might still occur in a wellbalanced environment without using antimicrobials. 

CID LINES, an Ecolab company, is your partner to carry out biosecurity and hygiene plan on your farm by offering plenty of working tools and expertise.


Biocheck.Ugent®: A risk-based scoring system to evaluate the quality of biosecurity on your herd. Complete the scientific and independent questionnaire and receive valuable feedback: an overall score of biosecurity on your farm and a detailed report summarizing your performance. As CID LINES, an Ecolab company, partner you will receive individual and very useful farm-specific advice. We want to offer valuable guidance to improve the implementation of biosecurity on your farm. 

biocheck gent