Critical points on the poultry farm: Cleaning & disinfection



Cleaning should start as quickly as possible after loading the chickens.

  1. Remove manure residues

  2. Prewash or not depending on the type of alkaline cleaner (not required with Kenosan)

  3. Perform the foam cleaning with the alkaline cleaner:

    • Reduction of the surface tension

    • Penetration of water into the organic substance

    • Dissolving of the lipid parts of the organic layer

  4. Rinse with high pressure

  5. Let it dry!

Proper cleaning creates the necessary foundation for successful disinfection.


A good disinfectant needs to meet a number of requirements:

  • Broad spectrum

  • Quick and efficient in low concentrations

  • Sufficiently effective where organic materials are present

  • Good penetrative capacity

  • Doesn’t damage the building equipment

  • Is compatible with the water and detergent you are using

  • Works even at lower temperatures

  • Non-toxic for people or animals

  • Biodegradable

  • Registered disinfectant

Disinfection: spray or foam


  • Longer contact time

  • Better penetration on porous surfaces

  • Proper adhesion

  • Fast and user-friendly application

  • Lower consumption

  • Visual control