The greenhouse

Removing leaves, fruit and flowers from plants should be carried out attentively as many diseases can be spread by touching plants. It is recommended that farm workers start work in these areas of the crop which are the most disease free and work towards possible diseased areas, as this limits spreading the disease to non-diseased areas.

For the same reason an infested greenhouse or field should always be worked in at the end of the day rather than at the beginning. Pathogens can be picked up on hands, tools and clothing, thereby spreading the disease. If this is not possible disposable gloves, suits and booties should be worn for each area.

One of the most effective ways of reducing disease carryover from one crop to the next is by cleaning out and disinfesting structures between plantings. To effectively clean:

  • all biological matter (plants, soil, algae, etc.) should be removed
  • all water pipes and hoses should be descaled and flushed with appropriate chemicals to remove pathogens
  • all surfaces should be washed down and rinsed with disinfectants


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