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Train the trainer


In Cid Lines we give trainings to our customers as a part of our support system. It’s important that people who work with our products know how to handle them and take precautions against them.

In the past we gave theoretical trainings with the help of a PowerPoint Presentation. To involve the participants more, we now provide an educational program in a more practical way. We see there is more interaction between the participants and it’s easier to understand and remember the information about different subjects.

To make this work, it’s the trainers who have been trained in the past year. During different sessions, trainers could experience how to make an education more attractive and practical, because the training was given exactly how they should give their practical trainings. One of the subjects is for example: ‘How to get the attention of the participants at 100 % during the whole training.’

Because off the changing method, the trainings that were given in the past are under ‘construction’. We now provide in an education with more pictures and debatable subjects so the participants are more involved.
This method of training will be applied at the beginning of the summer.

We are enthusiastic, we hope you are too!