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Spring is in the air!


When spring is in the air, so are bugs! Driving your car, hoping that your windscreen wipers cover the job is often a crucial mistake. The mix of bugs and dirt cover the complete windshield very fast and that limits sight very badly!
Insects are a protein-rich dirt on your car. For this, a specific cleaner is required that doesn’t  damage paint, glass and decorative frames, but a cleaner that is efficient enough to dissolve this stubborn smudges.
Do not experiment with household detergents or related products. These are often highly degreasing products that remove previously applied protective wax completely from the car.
Kenotek offers a complete and efficient range to clean your car. In this easy-to-use range, there is a very effective Anti Insect product. Once this product has been applied on the insect smudges, you'll see it loosen from the car. All insectrests flow down the windshields, hood, side mirrors and grille. Allow the product to work for a short time, but don’t let it dry, rinse off with high pressure or hose.
Afterwards, wash your car with a Kenotek shampoo for an optimal result!