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Prevent the contamination of your liquid feed and keep your pigs healthy.

The problem of yeast in the liquid feeding is primarily loss of quality: sugar and starch are converted into carbon dioxide and water. The resulting gases cause pressure fluctuations in the pipes and stomach problems for the pig. Cleaning the pipes with DM Clean Super and help to preserve the feed with Agrocid Super LF will result into clean pipes and very health pigs.

Agrocid Super LF


- complementary feedingstuff for bovines, pigs, poultry

- Agrocid Super LF is used as acidifier of animal nutrition

- direction of use: 1-1,5 kg /1000 kg of feed,  for a good maintenance apply 3 kg/1000 kg



DM Clean Super         


- non-foaming strong alkaline

- sanitize product for the food industry

- is used for cleaning in agriculture: storage tanks, pipes, CIP and Milking Robots