• Keno™pure


The best pre-treatment for every milking.
  • cleaning & sanitising
  • skin conditioning
  • versatile use
  • the perfect match for The Pure Foamer
Use biocides with precaution. Before any use, read the label and the information concerning the product. Availability Not all CID LINES products are available in all countries.For information about availability of a specific product, please contact your CID LINES dealer

All the necessary steps of a complete pre-milking hygiene procedure are realized with Keno™pure : cleaning, sanitizing and softening the teats before milking. Thanks to its fast action (30 seconds contact time only), Keno™pure is easy to include in your milking process. Can be used in different ways: by spraying, with towels or with a foaming dip cup.

Complete pre-treatment with the Pure Foamer: cleans, disinfects and conditions

Approved by FiBL: https://www.betriebsmittelliste.de/de/bml-suche.html

Available packages: 10 L

  • Use clean tap water to make the solution and use a clean bucket or cup.
  • On average, 5mL of Keno™pure is needed per cow per milking session.
  • SPRAYING: Spray a solution of 10% Keno™pure (1L + 9L of water = total solution of 10L). Wait for minimum 30 seconds and dry with a disposable paper towel/cow.
  • FOAM CUP: Use a solution of 40% Keno™pure (4L + 6L of water = total solution of 10L). Place the foam cups with the solution on the teats and wait for minimum 30 seconds. Dry the udder with a paper towel/cow.
  • TOWEL: Fill a bucket with a solution of 2% Keno™pure (200 ml in 10L of water). Put all the towels in it for minimum 1 minute. Use 1 towel for each cow. After cleaning, dry with a disposable paper towel/cow. 
  • The solution needs to be replaced after every milking session.