Concentrated Keno dressing
concentrated renovator for interior and exterior use
  • ultra concentrated renews plastic, vinyl, tires, motor parts, etc. gloss booster anti static no perfume
Showroom Shine
Quick spray wax
  • revitalises the bodywork gives a deep gloss to the paintwork removes fingerprints and dust cleaning without water can be used on all hard exterior surfaces of a vehicle fast drying easy to use sweet peach perfume
Wheel Cleaner Ultra / X-tra 4200
pH neutral wheel cleaner and fall out remover
  • highly effective pH neutral wheel cleaner fall-out remover color marking on the dirt (visual effect) safe to use
Cargo 2500
concentrated alkaline exterior cleaner
  • alkaline cleaner foaming action suitable for all vehicles contains ingredients that are recognized in food industry, in the cleaning operations (HACCP methodology)
Polish & Protect
Two-in-one polish
  • removes impurities and small scratches ensures a deep gloss and high-end protection can be applied manual or automatically easy to use pleasant perfume
Shine Dryer Plus
Concentrated high performance drying agent
  • assures an optimal drying effect and windows without smearing compatible for different types of water hardness designed for high-speed washes with short drying zones
Lime Perfume
Perfume concentrate
  • fresh lime perfume concentrated compatible
Fresh Perfume
Perfume concentrate
  • fresh perfume concentrated compatible