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Think Cleaner

At CID LINES, An Ecolab company, we're committed to redefining the way we approach cleanliness, encouraging forward-thinking strategies for optimal results.

Discover Kenosan

Kenosan is a highly effective alkaline detergent, specially formulated to tackle the robust challenges of cleaning animal manure.

Kenosan achieves a significant reduction of organic matter by 90%, ensuring a proper start for the disinfection process.

More about Kenosan

Key reasons to opt for Kenosan® :

Exceptional Cleaning Strength
Kenosan’s formula is optimized for breaking down stubborn organic soil and grease.


Prepares for Effective Disinfection
By drastically reducing organic matter presence, Kenosan ensures that surfaces are in optimal condition for disinfection.


Tailored for Animal Environments
Specially designed to meet the rigorous cleaning requirements at animal production sites.


Environmental Friendly
Compliant to organic production regulation (EU) 2018/848 and Implementing regulation (EU) 2021/1165.


Kenosan® demonstrates excellent efficacy results

Kenosan® removes more than 90% of organic Qmatter showing a consistency and repeatable results

Kenosan efficiency

Kenosan® shows more effective cleaning at lower dosage
Kenosan® is 2 times more effective than main competition

Kenosan shows more effective cleaning at lower dosage

Kenosan® delivers reliable savings

Field experiences with Kenosan cleaning demonstrate that modifying the sinner cycle by increasing contact time improves efficiency

Kenosan savings

Kenosan® vs. water cleaning

Kenosan® shows up to more efficacy than cleaning just with water

Kenosan efficiency water

Kenosan® demonstrates exceptional foam quality

Kenosan® foams 35% more than main competitor

Kenosan foam


Interested in learning more about Kenosan?

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