Circle of Sinner for optimal results

Chemicals, mechanical power, time and temperature represent the four principle factors that determine the success of a wash. These four factors, also known as the 'Sinner circle', are represented in the shape a circle.

The 4 factors influence each other and can change in size. When using machines for instance, the mechanical factor will be larger and the other three smaller.

The results depend on these factors, also when cleaning vehicles:

  • Chemicals: This refers to the concentration of cleaning agent used. All chemical elements such as active substances on the surface and pH values have an influence. The pH value says more about the concentration of the acidic, neutral or alkaline properties in a water solution. The pH value varies between 0.0 and 14.00, where 0.0 is the strongest acidic level represented, and 14.0 is the strongest alkaline value. Moreover, the pH value can only be measured in a water solution.
  • Time: The time that a chemical (the cleaning agent) takes to work into the dirt.
  • Temperature: The temperature level influences the cleaning process (e.g. hot or cold water).
  • Mechanical power, in the form of a water jet from a high pressure cleaners and/or brushes.

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