It’s time for action: Improving hand hygiene in food industry and health institutions.

Cid Lines is producer of cleaning and disinfection products for the food industry and health institutions.

As a result of various food crises caused by cross-contaminations by hands and  epidemic outbreaks Cid Lines has changed his approach on this subject. Developing, testing  products and placing them on the market is only part of it.  The sensibilisation, training and follow up are cornerstones of the even more important after sales support. Without this support the implementation of hand hygiene products rarely meet the expectations.

Our strengths for optimal hand hygiene:

1. Guarantee of quality through the entire certified production process (GMP – ISO9001)
2. Extensive product range in accordance with the strictest standards for hand hygiene (EN1040, EN1499, EN1500)
3. Sensibilisation of employees through poster programs and field tests (Kenosept DT, UV-light)
4. Theoretical /practical training and monitoring through sampling

As the implementation of good hand cleaning and disinfection practices requires a dedication from Cid Lines Support Team and the internal supervisors, Cid Lines has developed Keno™sept DT.

This is an additive to Keno™sept-L , Keno™sept-G  to evaluate the technique that the users of these products apply to disinfect their hands.  After disinfection, a control can be performed with UV light whereby only the disinfected areas of the hand will light up.  This allows supervisors to perform unannounced checks at any time of the day which will result in sensibilisation  and fast improvement of the disinfection technique.