Kick salmonella off your premises.

A very small effort that really should become and automatism among farmers and workers because recent studies have again clearly proven that farm boots samples are an important risk factor with a Salmonella prevalence of 19,7% (Prev. Vet Med., 2011). If disinfection baths are adequately used and located on strategic places, they are a good additional measure for the biosecurity of the farm. Additionally, the presence of foot baths draws the attention of staff and visitors to the importance of biosecurity on farm grounds (Amass et al., 2000; Pritchard, 2003).                                                                    

Kickstart, kicking bacteria of your premisses!
The ideal disinfectant to rotate. This peroxide disinfectant had a very fast action (within seconds), ideal for boot dips and animal house disinfection. Very environmentally friendly!

Tested and registered worldwide (EN, AFNOR, DEFRA, DVG, EPA ...). Completely biodegradable, certified by "ECOCERT" for organic production.       


Kenosept G, your partner in hand hygiene!
Disinfecting and softening alcohol hand gel. Certified for the agriculture and food processing industry. Approved according to EN1040/ EN 1500 norms (within 1 minute).