Kenotek Snow Foam Shampoo


SNOW FOAM SHAMPOO to silnie skoncentrowany szampon pianowy o neutralnym pH, bezpieczny dla wszystkich powierzchni takich jak lakier, guma, plastik szkło czy uszczelki. Produkt tworzy bardzo gęstą, kremową pianę. 
Można stosować produkt na powłoki ceramiczne - aplikowany ręcznie, za pomocą pianownicy lub inżektora. O intensywnym zapachu zielonego jabłuszka.


Foamen is really useful. The active foam will release the dirt on your car and bring it into emulsion. The dirt will be encapsulated in the foam and can thus safely run off the paint and be sprayed. Your car will therefore already be 70% clean, even before you touch the paint with a washmitt. The remaining 30% will have to be removed with your washmitt and 2-bucket method. We advise the BRILLIANT WASH to wash the car manually, so you get the ultimate shine, protection and peeling effect that you deserve.


To foam, you need a foam lance. The good thing about this lance is that you can arrange it in different ways. On the one hand, you can make a difference in the concentration of the shampoo-water mixture in the bottle. More shampoo usually provides more foam, less shampoo for less foam. On the other hand you can turn the adjusting screw at the top. This regulates the amount of air vs shampoo that is sucked in. More air naturally creates a thicker foam. You can also control the width of the beam by turning the lance at the front. We advise you to use a foamed mesh that you have to connect to an HD cleaner. The product foams from bottom to top, soak for 5 to 10 minutes and then spray from bottom to top under high pressure.