Mastitis: One of the most expensive disease for dairy farmers!


Worldwide, mastitis is one of the most expensive diseases for dairy herds. Discussing with farmers, it appears that the real cost of this disease is strongly under-estimated.

Indeed, costs of mastitis are considered in two categories:

  • “Direct or visible” costs are normally easy to quantify by farmers. It represents money they are directly losing: treatment costs, vet services costs, discarded milk.

  • “Indirect or invisible” costs are rarely taken into account by farmers because it is money they are not directly earning: decrease of milk yield, labor time, increase of the culling incidence…

Visible costs only impact for around 15% of the total cost of clinical mastitis…

Moreover, clinical mastitis is only the tip of the iceberg: subclinical mastitis are much more frequent and more costly for the farmer.

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The decrease of milk yield due to clinical or subclinical mastitis is the main economical consequence for the farmer.

Once the disease is detected, the farmer has already lost a lot of money because of the milk production reduction. That’s why hygienic prevention is a key in mastitis management.


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