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Anti-Foam Bio Food
Highly concentrated food grade foam inhibitor
  • Highly concentrated food grade foam inhihitor Based on rapeseed oil Can be used as a food additive according to EU directive and FDA guideline
D Clean
For a shiny dish!
  • concentrated dish cleaner strong degreasing effects skin protecting and softening agents
Alox DMS F
Alkaline degreasing foaming cleaner
  • concentrated alkaline cleaner strong foaming action strong degreasing action
DX 100
Natural solvent replacer
  • concentrated stain remover for obstinate contamination general cleaner for hard, non-porous surfaces
MSR 30
Acid cleaner.
  • acid cleaner removal of deposits with mineral composition based on nitric acid and phosporic acid
Ultra foaming, strong alkaline cleaning product
  • strong alkaline cleaner ultra foaming capacity outstanding adhesive power efficient and excellent results
Tornax S 20
Acid foam cleaner based on sulfamic acid
  • concentrated acid foamcleaner removes calcium, iron and protein deposits based on sulfamic acid doesn't contain phosphorus or nitrates
Tornax S
Acid foam cleaner based on phosphoric acid
  • acid foam cleaner removal of protein, lime and iron deposits excellent foam generation based on phosphoric acid