Keno™cidin Spray and Dip

For smooth and silky soft teats!
  • spray-version of Keno™cidin
  • teat dip solution
  • based on chlorhexidine
  • contains Menthae arvensis
Use biocides with precaution. Before any use, read the label and the information concerning the product. Availability Not all CID LINES products are available or registered in all countries.For information about availability of a specific product, please contact your CID LINES dealer

Keno™cidin Spray and Dip is spray version of Keno™cidin. Keno™cidin Spray and Dip is a teat dip solution based on chlorhexidine. Keno™cidin Spray and Dip contains Menthae arvensis. Active substances notified under directive 98/8 / EC:chlorhexidine digluconate

EPA registration: 
N.D.C. 68569-104-01
  • Keno™cidin Spray and Dip is ready to use.
  • Application as a teat dip/spray:
  • Keno™cidin Spray and Dip is suitable for dipping or spraying immediately after each milking.