• Biotek

    To help assist you in this wastewater management, Kenotek offers you Biotek! Specialized carwash chemicals that reach the solution for carwashes equipped with water recycling units that have a bad smell or malfunctional water recycling unit.

  • Cargo 4100 Forté

    Cargo 4100 Forté is an extra strong, concentrated exterior cleaner for all vehicles with a strong degreasing power and ensures an efficient cleaning of traffic film. 

Create sensation

Kenotek is your vehicle’s choice for a great job!

Creating that clean, new, protective sensation at every wash is the very core of our profession. The gloss and shine of the bodywork is a living testimony! We want vehicles to shimmer! That’s why we create products for every step in the washing process and every situation. Tools to create sensation for all involved in the industry.

Magic happens when our chemicals touch the bodywork of the vehicle.

As a trusted partner for vehicle care and transport professionals we create a complete and userfriendly concept to help them offer a high quality program to their end-customers. We always stay ahead by thinking along with our clients, to come up with the solutions they truly need.

Premium quality products backed by far reaching service and continuous support create a sensational return on investment for our partners worldwide.


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