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Egg industry

Keno™san Lactic
Innovative disinfectant based on lactic acid
  • disinfectant based on lactic acid applied without rinsing revolution in knive disinfection at slaughter and cuttinglines
DM Cid S
Alkaline chlorinated foamcleaner / disinfectant
  • concentrated alkaline chlorinated cleaner and disinfectant excellent foaming qualities
Keno™cid 210
Strong disinfectant based on quaternary ammonium and glutaraldehyde
  • strong concentrated disinfactant based on quaternairy ammonium and glutaraldehyde for all surfaces
Eco Des
Cleaning and disinfecting product based on quaternary ammonium
  • cleaner with disinfecting action based on quaternary ammonium ideal for surfaces
Anti-Foam Bio Food
Highly concentrated food grade foam inhibitor
  • Highly concentrated food grade foam inhihitor Based on rapeseed oil Can be used as a food additive according to EU directive and FDA guideline
Alco Cid A
Disinfectant based on alcohol
  • Disinfectant based on alcohol No rinsing: evapores within 5 min. Leaves no traces of taste neither smell
DM Clean Ultra
Strong alkaline CIP cleaner
  • strong alkaline cleaner non foaming CIP installations, equipment and all surfaces
D Clean
For a shiny dish!
  • concentrated dish cleaner strong degreasing effects skin protecting and softening agents