Testimonial from the Lowest SCC Award Winner in Ireland

What is the most important for you in your daily job? What is the most important for you in the milking parlour?
As a dairy farmer the most important part of my job is to take care of my herd to the best of my ability at all times. In the milking parlour it is very important that I have a simple and reliable system in place so I can consistently produce good quality milk.

What products do you use? Why do you use them? Since when do you use them? What are the results?
I use the CID LINES range of products through my local distributor Andy Murphy Farm Supplies both for cleaning my milking machine and milk tank and also for my teat care and disinfection protocols. I use DM Clean Super, Pho Cid and Keno™cid 2100 for my machine and tank, the Kenocidin® range for teat care and Keno™cox disinfectant for my calf housing.

Would you recommend the same products for other farmers?
Having used these products for the last 4 years I have found them to be excellent and I am very impressed, especially with their teat dips and I would recommend them very highly. I am delighted with my SCC and teat condition
and my TBC is running at optimal levels.

Which 3 tips would you recommend to other farmers to improve their TBC and SCC?
If I was to give tips on improving TBC and SCC I would say to do the basic things right, ensure you have good and proven protocols in place, use high quality products. Milk recording is a very important tool to find problem cows on time and be able to treat them accordingly. Regular milking machine maintenance and service is needed. Finally do your best and don’t be afraid to ask people for help and advice.

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