Cid 2000
The power of O2 and acidification combined.
  • removes scale equipment friendly the greatest reduction in microbial presence
Missing link in coccidiosis and cryptosporidiosis control!
  • new amazing results on cryptosporidiosis 2% unique formula without phenol, patent pending (PCT/EP2009/000789)
The best pre-treatment for every milking.
  • cleaning & sanitising skin conditioning versatile use the perfect match for The Pure Foamer
Keep the water for your animals healthy and clean!
  • two component solution produces a chlorine dioxide solution strong ocidating capacity
Cid 20
Your real hope in hygiene warzones.
  • most trusted disinfectant very economical long-lasting activity results in healthy & profitable business
Keno™vit E
Back to the essence!
  • based on oils, vitamin E and Selenium enhances the feed intake helps to relieve heat stress positive influence on the respiratory tract stimulates intestinal health and immune system
Animal house cleaner with gel forming properties.
  • adhesion power longer contact time labour and water saving safe in use
Agrocid Super™Oligo
Innovation in acidification in feed and water
  • complementary feed for pigs and poultry acidifier for drinking water