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For premium teat conditioning!
  • based on an active iodine complex 3000 PPM registered as veterinary medicine in 13 E.U. countries for mastitis prevention broad spectrum activity gentle for the skin economic in use (non dripping)
Kenostart® Spray and Dip
Sprayable teat dip with perfect adhesion!
  • medicinal teat dip spray version of Kenostart® registered in 15 european countries excellent disinfecting and skin conditioning properties adheres well to the skin does not cause blockages of spray lines
Enhances tangibly the condition of the teats!
  • viscous teat dip based on chlorhexidine and Menthae arvensis with medicinal registration available as dip or spray for maintenance of good teat skin and teat end condition
Kenocidin® Spray and Dip
The teat conditioning spray!
  • spray-version of Kenocidin® based on chlorhexidine digluconate and Menthae Arvensis medicinal registered good teat skin and teat end condition