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Wax and drying agent

Kenolon Protector
Concentrated high-gloss protector
  • extremely concentrated gloss protection long-lasting protective shield renovation effect adviced as a foam wax Kenolon technology II dirt and UV repellent shield ensures a deep long-lasting gloss
Platinum Wax
Wax conservation with Kenolon
  • high concentrated protective wax Kenolon technology dirt and UV repellent shield ensures a deep long-lasting gloss free from mineral oils
Diamond Dryer
High speed gloss dryer with Nano-technology
  • strong concentrated gloss dryer optimal drying result ultra fast beading effect
Shine Dryer Plus
Concentrated high performance drying agent
  • assures an optimal drying effect and windows without smearing compatible for different types of water hardness designed for high-speed washes with short drying zones
Aqua Rinse
Drying agent with sheeting effect
  • concentrated drying agent sheeting effect binds minerals for a spotless drying result applied with low pressure
Top Wax 80
Economic drying agent with gloss improving effect
  • economic drying agent immediate beading effect and gloss free of petroleum derivatives
Polymer Foam Polish
Strong concentrated foam wax polish
  • strong concentrated foam wax polish long lasting paint protection coconut fragrance
Polymer Hardwax
High quality concentrated wax for all carwashes
  • strong concentrated gloss wax contains hi-tech polymers suitable for all car wash systems reduces the formation of micro drops pleasant perfume