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Floor Cleaner Forte
Strong alkaline floor cleaner for heavily soiled floors
  • strong degreasing floor cleaner low foaming removes black stripes and rubber track and traces manual and automatic use
Lime Perfume
Perfume concentrate
  • fresh lime perfume concentrated compatible
Fresh Perfume
Perfume concentrate
  • fresh perfume concentrated compatible
Solvent based glue and tar remover
  • strong glue- and tar remover solvent based ready to use non corrosive
Trans D
Strong alkaline degreaser
  • strong concentrated alkaline degreaser removes oil and grease from spare-parts and garage floors
Trans NT +
Alkaline universal floor cleaner
  • universal floor cleaner degreasing non foaming garage floors anti slip activity manual and mechanical cleaning
Handsoap with scrubbing beads
  • handsoap with gentle scrubbing beads solvent free cosmetic quality
Anti Foam
neutralises foam in waterrecycling units
  • neutralises foam in waterrecycling units