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Prewash liquid

Powerful alkaline exterior cleaner
  • double concentrated alkaline exterior cleaner NTA and phosphate free high foaming action easy to rinse off unique blend of surfactants lime fresh perfume VDA Class A conform
Cargo 2500
concentrated alkaline exterior cleaner
  • alkaline cleaner foaming action suitable for all vehicles contains ingredients that are recognized in food industry, in the cleaning operations (HACCP methodology)
Anti Insect
Powerful insect remover
  • removes fast and effortless all insects to use on the bodywork and windscreens suitable as prewash caustic free fresh lime perfume
Cargo 3900
Bi-component alkaline exterior cleaner
  • bi-component alkaline cleaner and degreaser extremely concentrated prewash product suitable for touchless cleaning high foaming good removal of grease on tarpaulin
Cargo 3700
Touchless washing alkaline exterior cleaner
  • extremely concentrated powerful alkaline exterior cleaner high foaming with superior clinging capacity removes effortless mineral and greasy combined roadfilm pioneer in touchless washing
Cargo 3000
Concentrated alkaline exterior cleaner
  • concentrated alkaline exterior cleaner high foaming strong degreasing capacity and protein removal removes efficiently traffic film and greasy dirt suitable for indirect food contact applications
Cargo 2800
Concentrated alkaline exterior cleaner
  • concentrated alkaline exterior cleaner efficient degreaser foaming action also used for tarpaulin cleaning
Jet Clean Super
Alkaline degreaser for heavy grime on vehicles
  • alkaline prewash and alkaline wheel cleaner heavy-duty cleaning agent strong degreaser low foaming removes copolymer from new cars