• Jet Clean Super

Jet Clean Super

Alkaline degreaser for heavy grime on vehicles
  • alkaline prewash and alkaline wheel cleaner
  • heavy-duty cleaning agent
  • strong degreaser
  • low foaming
  • removes copolymer from new cars
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Strong alkaline wheel cleaner, strong degreaser.
Removes copolymer from new cars. Low foaming.

Available packages: 25 kg 210kg 1000 kg

  • Apply the exact dosing, from the bottom to the top.
  • Let this dilution act.
  • Clean off thoroughly with high pressure unit.
  • Never use in full sun or spray on hot surfaces.
  • Dosage car- & truckwash: 2-5%.
  • Dosage rims: 10-30%.
  • Dosage decopolymer: 20%.