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Personal Hygiene (boot, hands, clothes)

Virocid® RTU
Ready to use sprayer.
  • sprayer for disinfection animal’s housings, material, boots, tools and animal’s transport bactericidal, fungicidal and virucidal action ready to use
Omniwash Softener
Concentrated product for gentle and soft fabrics
  • concentrated liquid softener economic in use fresh feeling pleasant perfume
Meca Clean
For greasy and dirty hands!
  • handsoap for greasy ant dirty hands removes oil, paint, fat, bad smells,... gentle scrubbing beads very soft for hands cosmetic quality
Hand cleaning soap with gentle scrubbing beads
  • hand scrubbing cleaner for greasy and dirty hands solvent free soft
Keno™soft N
Non-perfumed soft hand soap
  • gentle non-perfumed hand soap protects and softened the hands created for frequent use
Omniwash Liquid
Concentrated liquid laundry detergent
  • concentrated liquid detergent hand and machine wash all colors 30° - 90°C easy to use
Omniwash Powder
Professional washing powder
  • washing powder for hand and machine wash high concentration of active ingredients for al types of textile 30°C - 90°C
Handcleaner Eco
Soft perfumed hand soap.
  • handcleaner ideal for daily use soft pleasant perfume