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Milking parlour & barn hygiene

The most concentrated disinfectant!
  • most effective disinfectant worldwide proven efficacy (EN and AOAC) recommended for emergency disease control users friendly
The standard in cleaning.
  • unique formula based on new technologies sticky and long-lasting foam extreme dirt penetrating capacity very economical use non corrosive
Ready-to-use drying powder for housing and animals.
  • bedding powder with high drying capacity ready-to-use no chemical reaction recycling of the humidity/water/litter safe for skin of animals and (metal) materials less attractive environment for bacteria and flies non-irritating aroma for human and animals
Tornax S
Let your surface shine again!
  • strong acid foaming detergent removes scale, proteins, iron deposits stained surfaces shine again recommended in hatcheries
Nitra Cid Agri
Decalcifying and removing persistent protein.
  • concentrated acid cleaner decalcifying and removing persistent protein based on phosphoric and nitric acid for cleaning of C.I.P.-systems