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DM Clean Ultra
Strong alkaline CIP cleaner
  • strong alkaline cleaner non foaming CIP installations, equipment and all surfaces
D Clean
For a shiny dish!
  • concentrated dish cleaner strong degreasing effects skin protecting and softening agents
Alox DMS F
Alkaline degreasing foaming cleaner
  • concentrated alkaline cleaner strong foaming action strong degreasing action
DX 100
natural solvent replacer
  • concentrated stain remover for obstinate contamination general cleaner for hard, non-porous surfaces
Ultra foaming strong alkaline cleaning product
  • strong alkaline cleaner ultra foaming capacity outstanding adhesive power efficient and excellent results
Alcalu S
Soft alkaline foaming cleaner for sensitive surfaces
  • concentrated soft alkaline cleaner strong foaming qualities for sensitive materials (aluminium e.g.)
Alox DMS
Alkaline foam cleaner
  • Alkaline foam cleaner Strong foaming Contains corrosion inhibitors
Keno™san Omnia Secur
Powerful foam cleaner for all types of dirt
  • concentrated universal foam cleaner excellent cleaning and degreasing properties manual cleaner and foam cleaner on all surfaces good biodegradability environmental friendly