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Cargo 2500
concentrated alkaline exterior cleaner
  • alkaline cleaner foaming action suitable for all vehicles contains ingredients that are recognized in food industry, in the cleaning operations (HACCP methodology)
Shine Dryer Plus
Concentrated high performance drying agent
  • assures an optimal drying effect and windows without smearing compatible for different types of water hardness designed for high-speed washes with short drying zones
Lime Perfume
Perfume concentrate
  • fresh lime perfume concentrated compatible
Fresh Perfume
Perfume concentrate
  • fresh perfume concentrated compatible
Anti Insect
Powerful insect remover
  • removes fast and effortless all insects to use on the bodywork and windscreens suitable as prewash caustic free fresh lime perfume
Globo 'Formule 1'
Alkaline prewash for high speed conveyors
  • alkaline prewash for high speed conveyors EDTA-, NTA- and phosphate free! user-friendly contains a high amount of corrosion-inhibitors specifically made for systems with hard water
Cargo 3700
Touchless washing alkaline exterior cleaner
  • extremely concentrated powerful alkaline exterior cleaner high foaming with superior clinging capacity removes effortless mineral and greasy combined roadfilm pioneer in touchless washing
Cargo 3000
Concentrated alkaline exterior cleaner
  • concentrated alkaline exterior cleaner high foaming strong degreasing capacity and protein removal removes efficiently traffic film and greasy dirt suitable for indirect food contact applications