Pro-active Keno-M training is the key in mastitis management...


Keno-M is our unique concept in coorporation with M-team (University of Ghent) and CID LINES. The goal of the program is reducing the somactic cell count and cases of mastitis on dairy farms. We're realising this on the basis of training, supervision and communication in a 'teach-the-teacher' model. Our international team is currently attending a two-day Keno-M training under the management of Josephine Verhaeghe, our dairy specialist and Sofie Piepers, M-team.

On the first day, the enthusiastic team of 20 people received more information about the concept and the purpose of it. Sofie Piepers also asked 3 words related to "mastitis" and 3 words related to "post-dip". On this picture you can see the results! The more people wrote the same word, the bigger the word is on the cloud.

On the second day of the mastitis training in CID LINES, the group was divided into 4 teams for a competition about different mastitis subjects:

1) What are good and bad milking routine techniques
2) Interpretation of bacteriological cultures
3) CMT test

A great thank you to Dr Sofie Piepers from the University of Ghent for this interesting training!